Ancient China vs. Ancient India

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Amber Richey October 15, 2012 World History Ancient India and Ancient China Different but the Same Ancient India and Ancient China have as many similarities as they do differences. Over many decades of being so close they have had very little run-ins with one another. They have thrived living by the basic principles of a peaceful co-existence society. They have accepted each other’s differences and come to realize just how many similarities they have. Today it is almost impossible the see where the lines of separation between these two great dominating countries lies. With a combined population of 2.3 billion people, both China and India are the most populous countries in the world. They account for two-fifths of humanity.…show more content…
They were also permitted to associate and work with people of a lower class. However like in Ancient India the Chinese were never permitted to marry someone of a lower social class. The basic foundations of these social classes are very similar in idea. When it comes to society along with many other issues Ancient India and Ancient China can be considered very similar in their basic beliefs and way of living. Though there are many differences has the years progressed these two countries have become more and more alike each and every day and despite their differences have more or less remained peaceful and respectful of one another’s way of living be it the same of
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