Ancient Chinese Contributions

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Assignment 2: Ancient Chinese Contributions Strayer University Professor: After reading thru several different sources of information, I feel the top 10 ancient Chinese inventions that need mentioning are as follows: 1. Paper: Though it is commonly believed that Egyptians are the true inventor paper (papyrus), they are 2 completely different things. The papyrus that the Egyptians used was not really paper. Papyrus is more or less the bark of a raw unprocessed plant. Paper, by its definition, is a processed material that is made from several raw materials. So the person on earth who actually came up with the brilliant idea of inventing paper was T’sai Lun around 105 A.D. 2. Porcelain: Porcelain is a kind of ceramic produced…show more content…
3. Gunpowder: This invention changed the way people go to war. Even today, we still use gunpowder in most of the weapons our military and law enforcement are issued. Mild forms of gunpowder also allowed the making of fireworks for entertainment. 4. Mechanical Clock: This has to be one of the best inventions known to man. Even knowing clocks have become digital, this invention paved the road for all people to keep track of time without the use of a sundial. Almost anywhere you look you can still find a digital or mechanical clock of some sort. The one invention I feel I could not live without would be paper. I use it to express myself when I am drawing, I keep in touch with friends when I write a letter, or I just fold it into a paper airplane to throw around the room and have fun with my kids. Paper has allowed me to read books, keep notes, or even burn when I want to start the BBQ. Works Cited Kaleidoscope. (2007-2010). Retrieved August 02, 2012, from Cultural-China: Listverse. (2009, April 18th). Retrieved August 02, 2012, from 10 Greatest Chinese Inventions: liyao, L. (2011, March 04). Greatest Inventions of China. Retrieved August

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