Ancient Civilization Of Ancient Civilizations

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Introduction Monuments are resilient and commemorative structures that are significant to cultures or social groups. They may tell the tale of an event or celebrate or revere a person or God. Mayan stelae monuments are monuments that were fashioned by the Maya civilization of ancient Mesoamerica. They consist of tall sculpted stone shafts and In ancient Maya society, cosmological beliefs encompassed all aspects of life and integrated individuals into a unitary worldview and culture. Inspired by their beliefs, Mayan civilization created some of the most intricate monuments, decorated in colors and hieroglyphics that depicted important imagery for these Mesoamerican people. With the use of tall-sculpted stone, stelae monuments were erected. The Mayan site Copan, located in western Honduras belonged to a civilization based on a complex sociopolitical structure. Copan became one of the more powerful Maya city-states and was a regional power in the southern Maya area. The major classic kingdom period occurred between AD 250-850, when major cultural developments began to take place showing Mayan skill in their achievements in science, mathematics, astronomy and hieroglyphic writing. The site as Copan Valley encompassed around 100 hectares and had three main phases of development that included residential areas, central districts with stone temples, two large pyramids, several stairways and plazas. One principal trademark from the classic period is the portrait sculptures on
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