Ancient Civilizations : Ancient Mesopotamian Descent

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As long as there has been people living in communion with one another, there have been different set societies. Being a part of a society, however does not mean that community holds the technical definition of a civilization. In order for a society to also wear the title of civilization, it is necessary to develop a form of writing and a system to accompany it (McCants, 28) The first recorded of western civilizations to be established were those of Mesopotamian descent, located in the city-state of Sumer or what is now known as present day Iraq (Crawford, 73). In Sumer, this writing system, defining them as the first known civilization was known as cuneiform and has proved difficult to translate. The location of Sumer, found between the Tigris and Euphrates River, provided the civilization with the fertile soil needed in order for the Sumerians to begin to sustain themselves and flourish in society with a significant emphasis on agriculture (McCants, 28). Although the location of Sumer played an important factor into how the Sumerians lived their lives, it was the gods of Mesopotamia which carried the most influence. Therefore, the ancient Sumerians had to live a life based on appeasing the gods because of the imperative role of the god Enki and the role of humans have on Earth through giving the priesthoods an elevated role in society, practicing rituals for the gods, and living their lives based on a strict set of rules.
The Sumerians worshiped many gods and each god…
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