Ancient Civilizations

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The Connections Between Ancient Civilizations
A civilization is born through the domestication of plants and animals followed by the cultivation of these products in which a surplus allows for the specialization of labor. Civilizations allowed for humans to create order and pursue intellectual and spiritual matters to a degree in which man had not previously been allowed. Most ancient civilizations arose from a fertile farming location and predictable harvest. When basic needs have been provided for the specialization of labor can provide a culture a chance at endless artistic and technological advances. An analysis of the characteristics of civilization demonstrates common threads which connect the ancient societies of Sumeria, Egypt, and the Indus River Valley. Many of these connections can be found within each civilization’s religion, government, location, language, trade, and technology.
The deepest connection that binds Sumeria, Egypt, and the Indus River Valley together is their location on a prominent river. Rivers provide rich fertile topsoil and access to freshwater, which together are a recipe for life. Without these pockets of agricultural paradise these civilizations may not have been formed at all. With societies such as Egypt, the Nile river was a calm, predictable, and benevolent god. This allowed for the Egyptian people to use basic irrigation techniques such as the Basin technique. This allowed for the regular flood waters to be contained and replenish the
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