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Early American Civilizations
     Early American civilizations were composed of four different groups of people. These four groups were composed of the Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, and the North Americans. These groups were the same in many ways, but had some differences that would distinguish their group from the others. These civilizations ruled the Americas for long period of time. These civilizations were the same in almost every way, but they had their differences to show that they were a totally different group of people.
     The first group that is going to be discussed is the Mayas. The Mayas were thought to be peaceful stargazers for a long time, but not until recently the truth was
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The Maya script was written in hieroglyphs, which is one of the five basic writing systems ever developed. This script was made up of phonetic symbols, standing for units of sound, and ideographs, standing for words. According to Dr. Freidel, “Although the stone writings discuss only royalty, evidence indicates a cooperative, sacred relationship between the elite and the commoners'; (Reilly, 329). The Mayas were successful because of this harmony among these people.
     The next group of people is the Aztecs. The Aztec civilization was the last of a long line of Native American civilizations. The Aztecs were the close rivals of the Mayas. Like the Mayas, the Aztecs also believed in torture and warfare. They also had very strict rules, especially when one was around a king. For example, one would have to say, “Lord! My Lord! Sublime Lord!'; (Reilly, 331). After that they would have to communicate in few words, the person would also have to keep their eyes cast down, and when leaving one would have to walk backwards out of the room. Also like the Mayas, the Aztecs had an advanced system of irrigation. The Aztecs also believed in sacrifice like the Mayas. The Aztecs were just like the Mayas, but the were different because they
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