Ancient Creation Myths

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Creation Myths of the Ancient Greeks, Mesopotamians, and Chinese Zach Lenart Ancient Mythology East and West Professor Shawn Youngblood October 2, 2012 Lenart-1 Creation myths of are often examined, but more often than not they are looked at individually. Much more can be learned if different myths are analyzed at the same time, recognizing similarities and differences as well as overlapping themes in these myths. We can learn about many aspects of a culture from their creation myths. The portrayal of women in the myth can teach whether the society is patriarchal or matriarchal. The descriptive vocabulary, and the characteristics given to the gods can show us what societies view as god-like qualities. Finally through analyzing…show more content…
Prometheus helps humanity once again, and tells Deucalion to construct a chest in order to escape the destruction of the flood. This is very similar to the flood from the Mesopotamian culture. Ea tells Utnapishtim to build a ship for his family and “the seed of all living creatures” in order to escape the flood. One of the main differences between Utnapishtim and Deucalion is that after the flood Utnapishtim is granted immortality, this is also illustrated in his name which translates to “He who saw life” according to All three of these myths begin creation with a primordial nothingness or chaos. P'an Ku has the formless chaotic egg, The Ancient Greeks have chaos, and The Enuma Elish starts with two chaotic bodies of water, salt and fresh. According to this concept of chaos, or nothingness, is “the most frequently found primordial stuff of the universe in creation myths.” and is relevant to all three of these myths. Once again going back to, another very common quality of creation myths is that some part of the world, universe, or even another god, is formed from the parts or destruction of a god or immortal being. The most immediately apparent example of this being in the P'an Ku myth. Once it is finally time for P'an Ku to die he is laid down and becomes the world. Individual body parts are given labels as to what they become,
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