Ancient East Asian Art From Gandhara

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Ancient East Asian Art from Gandhara The Asian Art Museum located at 200 Larkin St San Francisco, CA 94102 is filled with antiquities through the ages of Asian culture. Within the museum, in gallery one, the showroom is filled with ancient art from East India. Particularly, ancient art from Gandhara, strikes the audience immediately upon entry into the gallery. The Seated Buddha, dated approximately 300-500 CE, was found in the northwest area of modern day Pakistan within the Peshawar valley, once known as the ancient region of Gandhara. (Wall Label) Images of Buddha that have been found were all dated at least 500 years after the death of Buddha, who lived around 400 BC. Interestingly, the first few images of Buddha all have him shown in an enlightened state of being, seated in his lotus position, and wearing simple monk robes with one of his hands held at the chest while his fingers turning an invisible wheel “symbolizing setting in motion the “wheel of the doctrine” – that is, preaching.” (Wall Label) The Seated Buddha sculpture has Buddha sitting on a throne with a scene depicted on the bottom. The scene shows a princely figure in the middle with all his devotees surrounding him. This scene depicts the Gods urging Buddha to start his path towards enlightenment. The Seated Buddha was made with Schist, a form of dense stone that the region of Gandhara explicitly used for statues of Buddha and religious works of art. The Seated Buddha is half human size and seated on top

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