Ancient Egypt : A Tomb For The Pharaohs Of The Old Kingdom

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The Sphinx-

The Sphinx was built as a tomb for the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. The mixed form, both animal and human, is significant, especially since they were normally just built as regular pyramids. It is an important symbol of Egyptian kingship and religion because pharaohs were expected to be a form of a god that is capable of living on earth in person form.

The Nile River-
The developing and prosperous culture that prolonged Egypt was supported on the yearly overspill of the river 's floodwaters. The yearly increase and decrease of the Nile River’s water levels is directly responsible for the development of the Old Kingdom. The Nile served not only as a source of food, but of water. When it overflowed it provided them with rich silt that was perfect for agriculture, which provided them with a surplus of food.

The Rosetta Stone/ Hieroglyphics-
The Rosetta Stone was carved in 196 BCE and was found in 1799 by French soldiers who were rebuilding a fort in Egypt. It is called the Rosetta Stone because it was discovered in a small village in the Delta called Rosetta. It is a stone with writing on it in two languages, Egyptian and Greek, using three scripts, hieroglyphics, demotic and Greek. The Rosetta Stone is a text written by a group of priests in Egypt to honor the Egyptian pharaoh. It lists all of the things that the pharaoh has done that are good for the priests and the people of Egypt. Many people worked on translating the hieroglyphics because the…
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