Ancient Egypt : An Ancient Civilization

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Ancient Egypt, an ancient civilization known today as one of the world’s greatest, would last over 3000 years thanks to the many Egyptians contributing to its success. One such Egyptian was the Pharaoh, Akhenaton. Born to King Amenhotep III, Akhenaton ascended to the throne at around 1353 BCE . He was also known as Amenhotep IV, but would later change his name to Akhenaton in order to worship the god “Aton” . Akhenaton may be considered one of the most important figures in Egyptian history seeing that in the seventeen years he ruled , Akhenaton was a very unorthodox, innovative individual, who did not follow the conventional ideas the ancient Egyptians held at the time. This could be seen through his creation of a new city, his artistic innovations, and his beginning of the religious revolution. One innovative idea that Akhenaton carried out was during his 5th year of ruling , where he created the new capital city named “Akhetaton”, meaning “The Horizon of the Aton”. The city is commonly known today as “Amarna” or “El-Amarna.” The city was located approximately 200 kilometers from Cairo, west of the River Nile , in modern day Minya. The purpose of the new city was to serve as a new home for Aton and Akhenaton, as the city would be free of people who opposed his ideas . The city consisted of two significant buildings – “The Great Aton Temple” and “The Small Aton Temple.” These temples displayed Akhenaton’s different views on Ancient Egyptian architecture and his…
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