Ancient Egypt : An Ancient Nation

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Edom an ancient nation from 1100 to 200BC, located in what is now the southern part of modern southern Jordan. The Edomites, also referenced with the Shasu and Shutu as well as with other nomadic raiders mentioned in Egyptian historical records and biblical scriptures of the Old Testament. A letter dated 900BC from an Egyptian scribe at a border fortress inWadi Tumilat during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah reports movement of the nomadic "shasu-tribes of Edom" around watering holes in Egyptian territory. Other evidence discovered during other archaeological excavations dated to around 800 to 600BC. The kingdom of Edom based the majority of its economy on the caravan trade between Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia and southern…show more content…
Also called the land of Seir with Mount Seir mentioned several times in biblical texts as a cultic site. During the time of Amaziah, the city of Selah or Petra along with Eilat and Ezion-geber developed into major cities by 838BC. Moses and the Israelites while on their way to Canaan asked the king of Edom on two separate occasions for permission to travel the trade route along the King 's Highway but the king refused. They detoured around Edom because of the show of force from the king of Edom. Not until the Edomites defeat by Saul in 1100BC and again by David is anything mentioned about the people of Edom in the Old Testament. Following David 's death in 970BC, an Edomite prince named Hadad fled to Egypt returning later to lead a rebellion against the Israelites that fails. From that time forward Edom became a vassal nation of the Monarchy of Israel with appointed Israelite governors. Edom continued to be a vassal of the Kingdom of Judah when the monarchy divided into the Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah. In 914BC, the Old Testament mentions a native from the Kingdom of Judah became the appointed king of Edom. Later, inhabitants of Mt. Seir invaded the Kingdom of Judah along with the armies from Ammon and Moab ending with the invaders from Mt. Seir fighting between themselves and eventually destroying each other. Edom then revolted against the Kingdom of Juday and elected a king of their own which led to Amaziah attacking the Edomites and
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