Ancient Egypt : Anatomy Of A Civilisation By Barry J. Kemp

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(Image 1:, We are not made by History, n.d)

In this essay, I will be discussing the reasons we study history, and will delve into the issues historians may face when writing history. I’ll also examine how individual and group perspectives could affect interpretations of history.
I’ll clarify the difference between a Primary Source and a Secondary Source, will investigate the strengths and weaknesses between Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation by Barry J. Kemp and Tutankhamun’s Armies by John Coleman Darnell and Collen Manassa, and will examine Pyramids of Giza and King Tutankhamun’s tomb to explore their value to historians.

The society of today is based upon the actions and decisions made yesterday, and this is
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This is not without problems though.
‘History is written by its victors’, Winston Churchill famously said in the 1930’s, and Julius Caesar was no stranger to this. During the Battle of Alesia he employed an historian to follow him around and document the events. Of course, this was all written to please Caesar and paint him in the best light, so this made it very biased. This, along with many other historic events which contain biased accounts, make it very hard for historians to do their job properly, as this is not an accurate representation of what really happened.

Historians are no Saints though, and they too can write history with a hint of bias.

‘Historians can infer particular facts about the past from the evidence available to them, the way they give meaning to those facts by presenting relations between them is a function of their own creative imagination’ (McCullagh, 2000, :1)

We rely on historians to tell us the tales of the past, and we trust everything they say to be true, but they can subject us to biased views and opinions.
They could misinterpret evidence, they could use fake facts to write an account, or they could explain events omitting information in the bid to make people’s opinion sway a certain way.
For example, rich and clever white men used to write history, and thought the only history worth noting was made by leaders, and all other

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