Ancient Egypt And Ancient Civilizations

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As seen throughout time, one of the chief concerns of all ancient civilizations was to maintain order and stability. Civilizations such as ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and even the ancient Babylonian societies all set forth an effort to maintain stability. Influencing forces on this stability were religious, political and even geographical. I’ve noticed that many civilizations flourish for hundreds of years only to fall or be taken over by the next generation. Some cities today are remnants of these fallen empires such as Rome in Italy or Alexandria in Egypt. Our earliest signs of human civilization date all the way back to 10,000BCE, when we see the Neolithic revolution. First signs of farming are seen in the fertile crescent, along with the domestication of animals. The spread of agriculture allows for permanent settling in a single area. The Fertile Crescent was the perfect place for first civilization because it was located in major river basins which in turn made the soil extremely fertile. The Tigres and Euphrates river that surrounded the Fertile Crescent also acted as an easy source of transportation through out the area. This encouraged trade and the development of new communities. Around 5300BCE Sumaria is often accepted as the first civilization, it was a collection of city-states who shared common values and they also had Cuneiform which was the first documented form of writing. Sumaria also held the first government bureaucracy with laws which helped them hold…
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