Ancient Egypt And Ancient Egyptian Era

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Egypt is a country in North Africa and is among the oldest civilisations on Earth, thriving as an independent nation from 8,000 BCE to 525 BCE. Ancient Egypt was the preeminent civilisation in the Mediterranean world, being the most culturally advanced nation in every area of human knowledge. From science to technology to the arts and religion – the ancient Egyptian era was the most influential era, especially to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Egypt’s majesty has long astounded archaeologists, particularly that the Egyptian’s would worship specific beliefs and religions to sustain stability throughout the nation for over 3000 years.

Ancient Egyptian society was grouped into a hierarchical system with the pharaoh at the top; following
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Pharaoh’s were given the ‘Book of the Dead’ instantly to ensure that they would have a safe afterlife. Pharaoh’s were also built a tomb to stay in after death with their prized possessions and jewels to accompany them in the afterlife. However, lower class people were buried in the sand in the desert - as the sand would dry out their body and prevent it from rotting- if they weren’t to have an afterlife, they were deemed as worthless. The most likely way for any lower class person to go to the afterlife safely was to obtain the ‘Book of the dead’, which was the most sought after item in Ancient Egypt.
The people of Egypt were desperate for the book and the financial security that came with a higher class job, therefore Egyptians tended to be very motivated and worked hard to obtain the mobility that they wanted.

The ancient Egyptian government depended on the pharaoh and the agriculture to make decisions and fund the economy. Egyptians were to pay taxes to the government in the form of crops, livestock or jewellery- in return, the government maintained peace in the land, saved grains, from the farmers in case of famine and conducted public works to aid the workers.

Egyptians sought themselves as the most superior society due to their strong values, stability, strong government and fascinating discoveries, which caused
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