Ancient Egypt And Ancient Egyptian Society

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The Ancient Egyptians are a well-known civilization. The country of Egypt is located along the Nile River Valley in the Northern part of Africa (Civilization: Ancient Egypt). From 3100 B.C. to 332 B.C., this ancient civilization was dominant in the Mediterranean world (, 2009). Whether a person learned about the Egyptians in their Bible or read about them in their history class, there is no doubt that these people were the great nation of their time. “The people of ancient Egypt valued family life highly” (Okasha, 2012, p.162). Okasha (2012) also stated that the Egyptian family was the foundational and basic social unit that created the stability, well-being and sustainability of the Egyptian society (p.162). This is one of the major reasons for Ancient Egypt’s success. Without a good foundation, their society would not have been able to last almost 3000 years. Over the years, the Egyptians have been such a fascinating group of people to archaeologists and historians, so much so, that they have a whole field dedicated to them, Egyptology ( 2009). The Ancient Egyptians’ rich culture lasted for about 30 centuries until about 332 B.C. when Alexander the Great came to Egypt. After this, Alexander the Great’s Greek influence essentially put a stop to life as the Egyptians knew it (Tyldesley, 2011). In many ways, the Ancient Egyptians were a people ahead of their time. The Ancient Egyptians are significant to modern western civilization because they
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