Ancient Egypt And The Egyptian Civilization

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When we think of ancient civilizations the first one that normally stands out is Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were one of the very few that arose to civilization independently, and accomplished many impressive things along the way. The Egyptian civilization stretched along the lower reaches of the Nile River in Northeastern Africa. Religion was at the core of everything that the Egyptians were and they stood firm for what they believed in. Their religion was based on polytheism, which was the belief of many gods. The Egyptians had 2000 or more gods or goddess and each community would worship their own deities (Ancient Egyptian Religion). As a result of their beliefs, the Pharaoh was seen as the most powerful person in ancient Egypt and oversaw all state religious activity. What made the Pharaoh so special was that the people recognized that he was human, and he was subject to human weakness, but they still viewed him as a divine power of kingship (Religion). The Egyptians believe that the pharaoh was half human and half god, and would work as an intermediary between the Egyptian people and the gods (Religion). The Ancient Egyptians also believed that the pharaoh was the sun god, god Horus. It was believed that when the pharaoh died he would be reunited with the sun, and a new sun god would rule on Earth (Barrow, Mandy). Death and the afterlife played almost as an important role in Ancient Egypt as religion. Death was not seen as a final stage of life, but as a
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