Ancient Egypt And The Egyptian Civilization

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Approximately in 3400 BC, the rise of the civilization along the Nile river began what we know today as the reign of Egypt. As one of humanity 's oldest civilizations, Ancient Egypt was responsible for the amalgamate out of the smaller cultures found along the Nile River and into the Nile Valley civilization, developing into the three stages of kingdoms over time. The Egyptians or the Nile Valley civilization got its name due to the proximity of the river Nile in Egypt. Rivers of the ancient world were vital to mankind 's earliest civilizations, especially that of the Nile River. It was the axis of two early African civilizations, Egypt and Nubia, responsible for the shaping of their development in civilization by providing a reliable source of water for farming needs and allowing access to irrigation and outside trade. Because the river offered such alluring conditions, it brought many people, animals and even plants to the banks during it’s thriving time.
The Nile Valley was an extremely resourceful choice of environment to set up a civilization, it had many admirable qualities that lead to its thriving culture.The placement itself was an intelligent tactic, by being surrounded by the Red Sea in the east, the desert to the west, the Mediterranean Sea in the north and finally the mountains to the south, it ensured protection on all sides from any potential enemies. Since most of the villages were also built right on the river, they had an abundance amount of fertile soil
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