Ancient Egypt And The Grand Egyptian Museum Essay

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Cultures and civilizations around the world seem to share in the Adore of playing games. Some of the this games in ancient Egypt were designed just for The Youngest people, but other games could be played by people from other ages, Archeologists have discovered many games that were played in ancient Egypt but in a lot of cases they never found any rules for the that games, so they are unsure how they were played it, There is no doubts that throughout the 7,000 years of ancient Egypt, playing games was a big importance of their lives. The Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo has indicated that the oldest game from ancient Egypt was called “Senet”. It is a board game that was played by many of the members of the royal families, including Tutankhamen and Ramses’ family. The way which the game was played is that each player rolled dice and, using sticks would try to move the board pieces around and eventually off the board, at the same time keeping the other person playing from achievement the same thing. There is a copy of this game at the British Museum in London with a sign that states it was first played from 3100 B.C.- to 5500 B.C., which was the Predynastic period (before the times of the pharaohs). Many of the games which played in modern Egypt were also played in ancient ages. The hieroglyphic images and art on the walls of tombs and temples show the ancient Egyptians playing handball, hockey, archery, boxing, ridding (horse) sports, tug of war and marathon running. The games
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