Ancient Egypt And Western Asia

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ARTS2281 Ancient Egypt and Western Asia
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2014 Semester 2
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Thesis Statement
During the old kingdom, Ma’at was part of the peoples’ everyday life, was not just a false façade and advocated social justice and equality.
Ma’at’s concept combines numerous factors that assume a complete disassociation in Egyptian imaginary. Ma’at forms the basis for understanding the civilization of Egypt in its entirety and longevity. Just like Ma’at, duality marks the history of Egypt whereby from the ancient philosophies of the Egyptians to their politics; duality premise has been the order of the day. The application of this duality helped them unite distinct cultures, while its recognition helped them to form a lasting civilization that had never been experienced before. In terms of religion, this dual nature remains by no means as clear as in Ma’at. Thus, the dual nature of Ma’at may be revealed in an intangible idea that embraces order, justice and balance, as well as an anthropomorphic goddess. As the other cultures faced challenges in explaining Ma’at concept through the use of multiple terms, the Egyptians used a single term, an aspect that provided a practical and positive distinct order principle.

Through the Egyptians literature; religious literature, instructional or even an epic story, revelation of the different faces of Ma’at remains evident. In this sense, Ma’at was more than just a goddess or a concept as it personified a…

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