Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt This unit is designed to allow students to explore concepts surrounding Ancient Egypt. Students will explore culture, socio-political and science of Ancient Egypt through reading, writing, mathematic, science and artistic endeavors. The content areas are all represented and the order designed to build on previous lessons or background. By the completion of the unit, students will demonstrate their understandings through completing a project designing their own moment pyramid. Our group choose our theme and worked together to design our unit, though each of us contributed by writing up the lesson plans, gathering up information and writing the essay and editing activities. Heather- Lesson Planning(2 lessons) Alicia-…show more content…
On a sheet of paper students will write down the word spoken by the instructor, spell it correctly, and give the correct definition for that word. Say each word out loud and students will write the correct information on their sheet of paper. | | Timeline of Ancient Egypt Date: Grade/Class/Subject: 6th grade Social Studies Unit/Theme: Ancient Egypt Standards: AZ Standards; Concept 1: Research Skills for History: PO 3 Construct timelines of the historical era being studied. ELL Stage IV: Reading Standard 4: B-23: locating information in print and electronic reference sources for a specific purpose. Writing Standard 5: LI-4: Paraphrasing information from a variety of sources. Content Objective(s): SWBAT use resources to research a topic, understand basic timeline of Ancient Egypt, be able to create own timeline through research. Language Objective(s): SWBAT translate and summarize what they read into basic fact points, present their project to the class. Key VocabularyB.C./A.D., century, dynasty, period, Pharaoh, hieroglyphic, papyrus, pyramid, mummification | Supplementary MaterialsExtra long paper to create timelines, access to Internet resources, resource books. |
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