Ancient Egypt Essay

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The Nile

     The Nile river was the most important thing to Ancient Egyptians. The

Egyptians were very smart because they were settled near a river. Without the

Nile the Egyptians wouldn’t survive, and even now we wouldn’t study their

history. The Nile was so important because it gave them water and fertilizer for

farming and they believed in a God of the Nile whos name was Osiris The God of

The Nile River.

     “Irrigation along much of the river supported the growth of agricultural

products such as cotton, wheat, sorghum, dates, citrus fruits, sugarcane, and

various legumes.1” Other local communities fished in the Nile River. “The first

great African civilization
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Other small pharaohs like

King Tut were buried under ground, but with gold and statues and also his coffin

was solid gold. The Egyptians believed that the pharaohs were gods and did

everything they were told. Later people in ancient Egypt stopped believing in

many gods but most of them still did.

     After king Tut was founded by Howard Carter, scentists examined his body

and found some poison in his DNA. Some people think he was poisoned,

because he started to beleive in one god also. People think because of that he

was poisoned. He ruled when he was 9 years old and died at 19, he died young

and was considered a small pharaoh.

     There was hardly a woman pharaoh, there had one who lied and she

became one. Her name was Hatshepsut, she was smart and sneaky. Hatshepsut

was the daughter of pharaoh Thutmose I. She became the wife of Thutmose II,

her half brother and then she was queen. Her husband had a son by another

wife, Thutmose III.

     Pharaohs were considered very smart, because they had ideas on how to

built the pyramids. All Egyptians believed in afterlife, especially pharaohs.

Pharaohs were buried withlots of Gold and weapons for their next life. There

were statues of peons and statues of themselves. The statues of peons were

there to serve them in the pharaohs next life and to protect the pharaohs they had

“Book Of The Dead” so the spirit knew where
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