Ancient Egypt: Introductory Speech

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By Jessica Maimoun

Introductory Speech
Good morning Miss Separovic and fellow Classmates, its Monday’s first spring of 2010, but before i get carried away by god’s gift to humankind let’s get to work. Today I’m here to share with you, a bit about what i have been researching over the past few weeks. In case you didn’t know, it’s about ancient society’s beliefs, myths, gods and Religion. But today i will be focusing, in particular on Ancient Egypt. Firstly I’d like to start off with a bit of an overview about this remarkable society and hopefully provide you all with an insight on what you
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Worship to the Gods was practiced through praise, regular assertion and recognition; hence Certain Gods were sought in certain situations. The main facet to which drew me into exploring the Ancient Egyptian world apart from the obvious, is the fascinating depiction of gods. Who would have thought a man could be born, with a dogs head or the head of a ram symbolic of life and reproduction. Today we are left with only but what’s found, written and passed down orally from generation to generation and learned more about our ancestors and ways they dealt with life back in their day. I hope i have enlightened you on this topic and you can now share a common enthusiasm to the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.
Thank you.

Where is Egypt?
Egypt is located on the upper part of the North African continent.

Ancient Egyptian Beliefs and Customs
Religion for Ancient Egyptians was a very crucial part of day to day life, as it was the epitome of significance for all existence and life after death. Tradition was a major aspect to their belief system as many followed what was dictated to them without question. Laws and customs were generally just accepted due to the era they were in, thus no room was allowed for change.
The Ancient Egyptian belief system was not based on a set of strict religious principles, instead their ideology was more of a ‘cult’ with regular customary practices and

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