Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, And Mesopotamia

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In ancient Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia the connections that the people had with their rulers stemmed from their belief that their ruler had a close connection with their God’s. Because of the vast role that religion played in their lives it was important to show their admiration and appreciation for these royal beings. From a psychological standpoint, through their style, significance, and idealization, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome’s depictions of royalty within their artworks functioned as the best way to encompass the impression, and supremacy that a ruler held over their people.

For many of the people of Mesopotamia the most important part of their society was their religion and their royalty. They believed that they held close relationships with their Gods and they believed that their rulers were the closest possible connection that they had to their Gods. An ancient Sumerian proverb states “Man is the shadow of God, but the king is God’s reflection” (Alexander). The king was believed to be personally chosen by the gods and acting in their will however they were not considered to be god like.
The king’s responsibilities included participating in religious rituals, managing the state during peace and war-time, and creating laws. The Mesopotamians believed that in order to protect themselves they needed to gain more resources and people and this was done by expanding and conquering surrounding areas. Another role of the king was to issue codes of law with the ideal that he
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