Ancient Egypt : Religion And Religion

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Egypt is country with lots of religious connections. Religion in Egypt helped the communities come together and created understandings and shared values. Aspects of Egyptian life like law and art were connected with religion. Gods were represented with many things in nature like animals. Religion and life were very combined. Many aspects of Egyptian culture and civilization are connected with religion. Nature aspects like the sun and river is answered with what the gods do in mythology. Ancient Egypt had an organized system with beliefs about the supernatural, belief was an polytheistic one, and part of the culture and lives of people. All these features and roles are all part of the religions, animistic religions. The people of Egypt at the time were part of a civilization that had two kingdoms that eventually became one. World being flat was the belief at the time and thus the Nile River is seen as the main source of life. The people of ancient Egypt all had jobs and all helped each other fulfill the religious tasks to please the gods. Ancient Egypt was over 3,000 years old before it came down and all through the times, it has shown lots of characteristics on what a religion does and can do. People learn about the religion and how their life is affected by it. The beliefs are shared within the group or area. Many symbols like language and worship of some sort represent the deities. Nile River provides food and water and that helps an economy get going. Pharaohs, priests…
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