Ancient Egypt : The Egyptian God Anubis Essay

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Ancient Egypt is the origin to one of the most intricate belief systems in the world. This polytheistic religion was composed of various beliefs and rituals. Polytheistic means that they believed in many deities. All of which were linked to the common theme of immortality. Religion laid the foundation for all aspects of Egyptian lives, political structure, cultural achievement and art. Their religion consisted of up 2000 gods and goddess. Only some were worshiped universally throughout Egypt. They were often represented as being half human and half animal. As an example, the Egyptian god Anubis was half man and half jackal. He is associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology. Egyptian religion was oriented toward people 's’ attainment of immortality signified by mummification/preservation of the dead. The doctrine of eternal life is based on the ancient story the legend Osiris. There appears to be many versions of the Legend of Osiris scattered throughout Egypt 's ancient history. However, the story of Osiris’ resurrection after a sadistic death and savage mutilation inflicted by evil forces remained the same throughout the history.¹ The goddess Rhea birthed five children, the first of whom was Osiris. Osiris was the lord of creation. In following years he became the king of Egypt. Egypt flourished during his reign because he devoted all his efforts into civilizing and teaching his subjects. Upon his return to the evil one and his conspirators
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