Ancient Egypt : The Greatest Civilization Of The Past

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Believed to have begun around 3100 BCE; the stories of ancient Egypt still live on today. Built along the Nile River; Egypt was once the greatest civilization of the past. Egypt built several groundbreaking architectural structures from the world’s first dams, to the first super structures predating the Ziggurat of Ur. Ancient Egypt survived three millennia before falling to the roman’s control. Egypt is most known for its pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and its’ polytheistic religion. The Egyptians answer to the terrible question “Why are we here?” The Egyptians believed that they were to spend their lives preparing for their afterlife as seen through their literature, architecture, and burial rituals. Furthermore, The Egyptians most famous preparation for the afterlife is easiest seen through their architecture. The early kings of Egypt would spend their lives building their Mastaba’s, bench shaped mound tombs, to rest their physical bodies in there afterlife. Underneath the Mastaba the kings would have chambers built, like an underground palace. Mastabas would have several chambers for the kings’ possessions. It wasn’t until approximately 2650 BC that the first pharaoh, Djoser, would have the first pyramid built. The First pyramid built is known as the Step Pyramid. The Step Pyramid was envisioned by pharaoh Djoser’s chief architect, Imhotep. Imhotep built the Step Pyramid much like the Mastaba but instead of one single level the pyramid is made of several levels. The Step
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