Ancient Egypt : The World Civilizations

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Thomas Pennell
World Civilizations I
Mr. Shows
7 November 2016
Ancient Egypt Multiple factors go into account when considering that Ancient Egypt is one of the best civilizations of all time. First, the location of Egypt allowed it to prosper; second, the culture was one that the world hadn’t seen until then; third, the architecture that took place baffles scientists to this day; and lastly the impact it had on modern culture. Egypt is located in a prime location for civilization to spring up. Egypt possessed many natural protective barriers. The Mediterranean Sea lay to the north and the Red sea lay to the east. Ancient Egyptians depended on deserts in the east, south, and west, as well as mountains on the eastern coast to protect them from invaders. The Nile River flows through it for over a 1,000 miles which creates fertile farmland. Whenever the Nile overflows its banks during flooding season it would leave a black sediment. The Egyptians would capture the flood waters in irrigation basins and grew crops in the black sediment; it acted as a topsoil. Also, when it flooded the egyptian farmers were idled therefore providing a ready workforce for construction of the temples and tombs that stand still beside the Nile’s eternal waters.The Egyptians used also used the Nile River as means of transportation and trade, as well as irrigation for their crops. Thus, the Nile river made Egypt habitable nurtured its crops, carried its commerce, and shaped its beliefs.…
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