Ancient Egypt and Beauty Accessories

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They regarded beauty as a sign of holiness. Both men and women in Egypt wore makeup, and even the statues of God wore makeup. Cleanliness and appearance of people, were highly regarded. Architects would even find tiny clay pallets in some tombs, and yes beauty was really important to the Ancient Egyptians, but makeup was a different story. Some of their makeup would be a sign of helping them with the elements, for example: repelling insects, or when the sun's rays hit their eyes, the makeup would help them not get affected by the sun. Also, makeup may be served as a routine to honor their god/goddesses. The Ancient Egyptians also created black eye makeup, and they used it with galena and kohl. What galena is, is that it is a bluish gray color, with natural minerals, and kohl is a mix between galena and soot. They also created green eye makeup using malachite. Malachite is a bright green mineral, which is made by copper hydroxyl carbonate. The Ancient Egyptians had many reasons to wear makeup. They would wear eye makeup to define the eye, and to give the eye a more cat like look. It was also a good way to prevent diseases, or any bad minerals to get into your eyes. Ancient Egyptians also wore lip gloss, or nail polish but wore them only on special occasions. As most people know, Ancient Egypt had social classes, and they mostly wear their clothes, or have different jobs, and do things…

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