Ancient Egypt 's Technology And Construction

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I chose Ancient Egypt’s technology/construction for my topic because I find the way that civilization evolves to be very interesting, especially when it comes to older civilizations. Egyptians did not have the resources we now have, so they had to discover new ways to evolve and the materials required to do so on their own. Since Egyptians did not have access to the internet, this process was much more difficult for them than it is for us. I also like how they could build structures with more stability than modern day building but with less supplies. In this day and age, it seems as if we could not go a day without the internet. We need it for countless things such as checking the news and getting in touch with people. In fact, many people require computers for their jobs and schools are now encouraging students to use their phones for classwork. To think that an entire society could be so efficient without any electricity is astounding. Egyptians had different ways of hearing the news, working, communicating, and keeping records. I would like to learn about what Egyptians did to benefit today’s society in the way of technology and construction. Maybe they gave us the idea for something we now use on an everyday basis such as the telephone. Likewise, they could have greatly influenced our current day architecture with the way they built the pyramids and the sphinxes. To think that our modern day society would be different without the advances of the Egyptians is

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