Ancient Egypt vs Modern Egypt

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The Aspects of Ancient and Modern Egypt Contrasted
An In-depth Analysis of the Differences between the Egypt of Yesterday and Today

The Aspects of Ancient and Modern Egypt Contrasted
Egyptian culture has many contrasts and contradictions between the old and the new. The two cultures are much different from each other. But in its entirety, the culture of Egypt has successfully combined the best of both worlds. Keeping the appeal and magnificence of its ancient culture unharmed, modern Egypt has absorbed the contemporary ways of life. Egypt Culture is a balanced culture, both in its ancient times as well as its stylishness.
A visit to any of the big cities of Egypt will show the influences on culture world-wide. When compared to other
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The royal tombs of Egypt reveal that they wore fabrics such as silk which was very rare and a great commodity of the time. Artifacts and what's left that were found during excavations reveal to us that ancient Egyptians were very fashionable and culturally aware. The ancient royalty of Egypt such as the pharaohs wore a lot of gold jewelry. The abundance of gold made ancient Egypt seem to have been a very rich nation. Now, Egyptians are very fond of arts, music and sports. Football is the favorite sport of the Egyptians. Family ties are also very strong in Egypt. The males respect Egyptian women, which makes most of the big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria much safer for women than any western cities such as Sudan and Kuwait.
The ancient Egyptians were very religious minded. Gods and goddesses were part of everyday life of ancient Egyptians. They had gods and goddesses who they had persistent faith. Religious practices of ancient Egypt were linked to movements of holy bodies such as constellations, the sun, the moon, and the planets. Some of the most respected idols of ancient Egyptians are Osiris and Isis. Now, Egypt's population mainly consists of Sunni Muslims and Coptic Christians. People of both religions moderately follow their religious practices. Religious principles are quite noticeable in their daily lives.
Today, Egypt is at the core of the Muslim world while in the past it was dominated by varying polytheistic beliefs and Christianity.
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