Ancient Egyptian Art : Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian is one of the oldest countries in the world. It is divided into three kingdoms Old, Middle, and New. Today I will be discussing the beautiful Queen Nefertiti and her kingdom. She comes from the New Kingdom. Her name means the beautiful women has come and her husband who was Pharaoh Akhenaten ruled during the 14 century B.C. Artwork from the day depicts the couple in an unusually naturalistic and individualistic style, more so than from earlier eras. Ancient Egyptian Sculpture Queen Nefertiti ca. 1348-1336 B.C.E., Eighteenth Dynasty painted limestone, rock crystal eyes, height 20” (50.8cm) Staatliche Museum Zu Berlin. Was recorded in a life size portrait. Discovered in 1912 in the studio of Thutmusis, Akhenaten’s. Egyptian used of large-scale sculpture both to immortalize and to glorify political leaders seen in the images of the pharaoh and his family and also to represent his temple (Benton & Diyanni, 2010, p. 32). Most extant Egyptian sculpture is religious or political purpose, and either reflects the characteristics Egyptian desire for immortality and belief in after life or demonstrates the pharaoh’s power and dynasty. Egyptian sculptors depicted the human figure in a very limited number of poses: for example sitting on a block, standing with one foot forward, sitting cross-legged on the floor, or kneeling on both knees, each of theses poses is shown in a specific way and according to certain conventions. These standard poses were…
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