Ancient Egyptian Costumes : Tradition And Innovation

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Kushite Kings in Egyptian Costumes: Tradition and Innovation

Tamer Fahim
Lecturer of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology
Faculty of tourism and Hotels- Fayoum University

The costumes of Kushite kings were characterized with mingled and overlapped style, which appeared in various types of crowns, ornaments, clothing, and Kushite 's costumes were distinguished with ethnic features, belong to Nubia beside the traditional Egyptian costumes. Due to the longtime of interaction between Egypt and Kush, we can notice that the Kushite royal costumes reveal the Egyptian influences. In this paper I answer an important question about interconnections between the Egyptian and Kushite costumes during the Twenty-fifth Dynasty. Did the Kushites have adopted all the costumes and designs of Egyptians without adding their own Nubian identity? Or they may have adopted a new style that combines two identities the Egyptian-Kushite in same time, attempting to appease the Egyptians, as well as the Kushites, the article conclude that, Kushites did not imitate Egyptian art directly or excessive, but they were able to collect between Egyptian culture and Kushite identity.

Key words: Costumes- Egyptian- interconnections- Kushite- Twenty Fifth Dynasty.
Many scholars who interested in the relation of Egypt and Nubia, they focus on their study about the interchange influences between them, and the direct impact of the culture of Egypt and Nubia, may appear obvious in…

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