Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Ancient Egypt was a fascinating and complex place. Luckily for historians, Egyptians had made great strides in record keeping which have made studying their culture and society easier than some previous historical eras. Ancient Egyptians were a people who were intensely religious, deeply divided by gender roles and a strong hierarchy, and quite advanced for their period in terms of their technological and economic innovations.
Egyptians were deeply religious, and religion played a role in nearly all aspects of their daily lives. When the ancient Egyptians experienced periods of peace and prosperity, they attributed credit for the success to their deities (Slaughter, 5). The Egyptians experienced centuries of remarkable stability and
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The division of labor that arose based at first on survival needs created societal attitudes about the roles, attributes, and abilities of men and women (Slaughter, 7). Men were the rulers and hard laborers, while women were the family caretakers (Slaughter, 7).
The fertility and sexuality of a woman was her main contribution to Egyptian society, and these attributes were celebrated throughout the culture (Slaughter, 7). Women were expected to marry at 12 or 13 years of age, and to bear children often within the first year after marriage (Discussion, Ian Falconer). Although women were usually not part of the religious or political ruling elite, they were highly respected for their fertility, and were given most of the same legal rights as men (Discussion, Keako Crill). In some rare instances, women actually did manage to rise to stations of power and privilege, sometimes as priestesses to a God within the pharaoh’s bureaucracy (Slaughter, 5), and in four instances, including the case of Hatshepsut, women actually became the supreme rulers of the land (Slaughter, 6). Ancient Egyptians achieved an impressive level of manufacturing and commercial capability for their time, which allowed them to achieve great strength and geopolitical dominance. Egyptians took
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