Ancient Egyptian Medicine

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Medical practices in Ancient Egypt had a great impact on the medical practices that are used today, in fact, they were predestinates of those that we have today. This paper will give an extensive background into the details of medicine and medical practices of physicians and healers in Ancient Egypt, as well as compare some of those same practices with modern practices that we use in medicine during this time period. The practices discussed in this paper include how the Ancient Egyptians chose doctors, how the Egyptians diagnosed their patients, minor surgery practices that are still used in modern medicine today, remedies and medicinal herbs that can be found in modern kitchens and pharmacies across the United States, and medical…show more content…
Most doctors were sent to institutions called the House of Life. The institution was actually a section of the temple that was not only used for the teaching of medical students, but was also the same space where sacred papyri were written and copied. Only a select few were allowed in the House of Life, therefore little is known about Ancient Egyptian medical training and whether or not examinations were require, or even if the training was fully practical. However, in modern-day America there are more qualifications for physicians. Physicians in the United States must also complete medical school, but this is a long and hard process. Pre-medical students in the United States must go through an extensive and competitive application and interview process before being accepted into medical school. You are judged not only on your academic performance and competency, but also your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores, community involvement, research and clinical exposure, and interview skills. After acceptance into medical school is obtained, the medical student must complete four years of rigorous science courses and clinical trials. They must also pass STEP-1 and STEP-2 tests before they can proceed to obtaining their medical degree. Once, the applicant is finished with medical school, they must successfully complete a residency of about two years at the hospital of their
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