Ancient Egyptian Religion Research Paper

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Religion plays enormous role in the past and the present. It had shaped our laws, social norms, and purpose. Religion gives its people hope and understanding of many things that are unknown and a mystery. It provides security to its people. Religion has many roles which branch off due to the many different religions observed in the world. In ancient Egyptian literature, deities were important and mention a lot. The Egyptians worshiped and followed many gods and other sacred beings, which had diverse roles in its society. The functions of Egyptian deities provided understanding of the mysteries of world, accountability of life events, and control in society.
In ancient Egyptian literature, the role of the deities provided understanding of
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In many of the ancient Egyptian, there was a god responsible for a natural event or action, such as rain or the creation of people. Deities allowed the people to have someone or some place to turn to when something bad or good happened. In a sense, they had some on to blame. In the Amarna Letters, EA 244, the writers turn to his “lord and Sun” during the time turmoil. The text states, “We are thus unable to do the harvesting, and we are unable to go out of the city gate because of Lab’ayu.” The writer prayers to the deity and asks its lord to save the city. The Egyptians are able to seek out the deity responsible for an undesirable event and attempt to please it in order to fix their anguish. Therefore, if they did anger the gods there was a way to get back on the good side which was praying to and asking for forgiveness and making…show more content…
The deities of ancient Egyptian gave its people an understanding of the immense unknowns in their world. The gods gave insight into the creator and how their people came to exist. Each god and their responsibility of events allowed the people a place to place ‘blame’ good and bad occurrences but also a means of changing things they did not like. Gods allowed control over the society to maintain peace and harmony because of the believed consequences for angering or pleasing one of the gods. In many ways, Egyptian deities helped its people so that they would not have to go through life not knowing who to blame, why they are on the earth, or how they even got
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