Ancient Egyptian Scarab, Commemorative Scarab And Scarab Amulet

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In this paper I will be talking about the Ancient Egyptian Scarab, and it’s significants to Egypt. In great detail, this paper will explore the different scarabs such as the heart scarab, commemorative scarab and scarab amulet. In addition, it will explain if dating scarab is easy or complicated to do. To conclude the paper, I will be comparing an object in today’s culture to the Ancient Egyptian scarab.
A scarab is “an artistic depiction of the indigenous Egyptian dung beetle” according to Kathlyn Cooney. The dung beetle is an insect that rolls balls full of dungs, which is where it lays eggs. The Egyptians linked the beetle to the reproductive behavior of mythological cycles of solar death and rebirth. In addition, the Egyptians used the scarab as a symbol of the sun being pushed across the sky and the sun god can create rebirth. There are many types of scarabs found such as the heart scarab, commemorative scarab and scarab amulet. The first type of scarab, which is the best-known scarab, is the heart scarab. The heart scarab dates back to the 17th Dynasty and it has been described as a large amulet made of green stone, and has inscribed Chapter 30B from the Book of the Dead. The scarab would be placed on top of the mummy in order to control the conscious and memory of the deceit person in justice. A scarab similar to the heart scarab would be the so-called winged scarab because they are similar in form and size, but lacks the inscription on the underside. The…
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