Ancient Futures of Ladakh

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What is development? It can be defined as a specific state of growth or advancement. Helen Norberg-Hodge would view it as a western way of life, which brings forth destruction of family values and a change in the traditional way of life as seen in her documentary Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh. Ladakh was an isolated Himalayan country which followed the Tibetan way of life. They had a sustainable traditional way of life, and didn’t depend on the western view that money was what made you happy. They knew not of poverty, diseases, pollution or of being a society that didn’t work as a family or well knit community. They depended on the earth to sustain life; they worked together in their communities to harvest the crop; they were…show more content…
They alienated themselves from family and community and became insecure. Not like before when they were a family and did everything together and looked out for each other. A key note that should be mention was that, they then looked toward the importation of goods. The people no longer rely on their own crops n food to sustain themselves but imported wheat and goods. The country went from living off their own goods to having to import to sustain them. In reality modernization brought short term material benefits; it unraveled the relationships that held Ladakh over the centuries; pollution was introduced into the environment (Before, everything went back into the land; they knew not of waste.); and lastly the communities were beginning to breakdown. As mentioned before people use to be happy with each other, now it is not that way anymore. It is my belief that development doesn’t have to go from one extreme to the other; or as you mentioned from situation A to situation B. It can be avoided if people hold certain values and develop in a way that will benefit their community at home and not looking at it as what other people view development to be. After all, each community is different, so the degree of development shouldn’t be the same everywhere. Additionally, I do believe that development is salvageable. One just has to try to resort back to being a community to do so. Start thinking about the wellbeing of the
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