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Ancient Greek Myths 101 When thinking about Sicilia, this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is hard not to imagine people who once live on it. From Generation to generation, from the ancient Greeks to the Arabs, and finally to the Italians, this island has watched people come and go, watched the sea’s rise and fall, watched young faces turn old. And, it has also listened to the legends and sagas of many cultures. Yet the most cunning legends once told on this island must be the Ancient Greek myths. They were remembered, retold; they survived from the fires of war, traveled from islands to mainlands, they were washed by time without fading away. In it we not only saw gods and love, but also humanity. **** As in every myth, this wold must begin with chaos. How was this world created? How can we humans live and thrive on this land? These are questions were asked for thousand times in every culture, and all of them gave their own answers. The ancient Greeks, also had an answer. Khaos, also known as Chaos, gave birth to Gaea, goddess of earth, mother of the world. Gaea gave birth to Ouranos(sky)、Pontus(sea) and Ourea(mountain) also the twelve Titans. The twelve titans, were the first to rule the world. After them, there was still another generation of titans, Prometheus(who gave fire to humans) among them. Then at last, came the best-known and well-loved gods. That’s where the story really begins. ****12 main gods Actually, we all are very familiar with these 12 main

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