Ancient Greece And Ancient China

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Ancient civilizations are a big part of history but we wouldn’t know them as they are today without them going through and facing all the problems. China and Greece had many of the same problems but solved them differently. I believe that Greeks solved their problems in a better way than Chinese.

Ancient Greece was a very powerful and thrived. The empire of Ancient Greece spread over Europe all the way to France. Ancient Greece has a big influence on what we have today. For example, we get many different kinds of art and architecture from Ancient Greece. The columns on the White House have the same kind on the acropolis. Athens and Sparta are most famous out of all the cities in Greece.

Ancient Chinese are known for accomplishing great structures such as the Great Wall of China and many temples. China had many different emperors during Ancient China times. Like nowadays China was a great country that thrived. Many things we use now is made from ancient chinese and they still make almost everything we own.

Ancient Greece and Ancient China had many differences but were also alike in some ways. They were similar because the both treated woman with little or no respect. Woman had hardly if any say and will in what they did. They are also similar for their economy. They both thrived in trade and had many trade routes. Trade made them wealthier than ever. Though these two ancient civilization have much in common they also were different in many ways. For example, they…
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