Ancient Greece And Napoleon 's France

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When looking at a culture as prominent as Rome was in its time, a few questions come to mind. Many cultures and civilizations have existed over time, but very few have reached the complexity and reputation of Rome. Greece and Napoleon’s France are two of a very short list of these types of civilizations. To be able to understand Rome’s prominence, one must look at their origins. From there, one can delve into the main culture and analyze the civilization’s height. Did their beginning prompt their success? Did one large event propel them into the international field? Who were the leaders and what role did they play in Rome’s success? Finally, after looking at their success, their downfall must be analyzed as well. How could such a great empire fall after generations of success? In looking at each step in the Empire’s history, one can amass a wealth of knowledge about leaders and their tactics in making their civilization so great. Overall, Rome was a great civilization that gained its reputation through its leaders, its military and the culture of its people. This civilization still has an enormous impact on our own world today. Rome began in the eighth century B.C. as a small town on the Tiber River (History 1). According to legend, Romulus and Remus founded Rome. They were brothers who were raised by wolves. When they had grown of age, Romulus killed Remus. This anecdotal story, which many Romans hold close to their hearts as a true story, seems to depict the power that
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