Ancient Greece And Persian Empires

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The Greece and Persian Empires There were four great multicultural Empires in our world’s history Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, Persia and China. I am going to focus on Ancient Greece and the Persian Empire, what geographical features did each region offer to help the people build these great empires, what were some of the cultures of this empires, and what changes did they have over time? Going further into details on the Persian Empire, who were two of the leaders and what contributions did they make to Persia, what methods did they use to expand the region and gain power? How did the political system change over time? Ancient Greece is found to be on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, due to its location it was possible to trade with other parts of the area and not depend solely on crops grown in the area. The region of the Mediterranean where Greece is found is on the coast of the Aegean Sea it contains rugged mountains, and valleys. Being on the coast made the use of ships necessary this also put the people of Greece at risk for land attacks from armies bigger than the Greek armies. Also the region was at risk for volcanos, large ocean storms, and catastrophic earthquakes that could destroy cities without notice. In Persia there were two groups of people who settled the in the region who left a major impact on the area’s history the Medes and the Persians. The Medes were found in the Zagros Mountains, and the Persians were found lower in the plains along the
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