Ancient Greece And Roman Civilizations

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Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greek society would practice beliefs and traditions that would lead to the development of advanced civilizations. It started as the Greeks beliefs which would help develop the Roman society, which would later lead to contributing to the development of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines would help influence Europe during the Middle Ages, and Europe’s ideas and practices would lead to helping and impacting the modern western civilization with their ideas and beliefs. The Greeks showed influence by believing the people should expand their knowledge to their best ability, they had the idea of human perfection, and created a democratic government for the people, and the Romans developed off of the Greeks…show more content…
This sculpture is an example of how the Ancient Greeks admired the human body. Today's society also follows the idea of perfect people and bodies and the want and admiration to achieve that. The people today continue to maintain a goal of physical fitness and wellness. Pericles states in one of his speeches, “Our form of government is called a democracy because its administration is in the hands, not a few, but of the whole peoples.” People around the world follow a democratic government. But this originated from the Ancient Greeks when they created their own government to better the people, just as we do today. The Ancient Greeks helped further the civilization which led to the Roman Society.
Although Romans built on what Greeks had done, they also practiced many of their own ideas that are still used in the modern world. The “Government of the Roman Republic” article states that “The government developed into three unique parts: Magistrates, Senate, And Assemblies and Tribunes.” ( Responsibilities were divided into the three branches to ensure one would not gain too much power, which is called a check and balance. The United States government is divided into three branches which are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, this is to ensure power is divided, much like the Roman Republic did. The Romans were the first society to use new inventions such as sanitation, irrigation, and aqueducts
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