Ancient Greece And Rome : The Out Of All The Magnificent Artwork

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Knidian Aphrodite Out of all the magnificent artwork I explored while learning about ancient Greece and Rome, the most intriguing artwork to me was the Knidian Aphrodite piece. One of the most riveting factors about this artistic statue was how Praxiteles depicted women at the time.The comparison between the Greeks perspective of a stunning women versus our societal view today, holds very dissimilar standards.The Knidian Aphrodite was created during the volatile period around 330 B.C by a gifted man named Praxiteles. Praxiteles took a brave initiative in starting the revolution of sculpting the first nude women. Praxiteles was a prominent figure in the 4th Century of Greece. He mainly focused on sculptures that represented god’s but particularly goddesses. There is not a lot of definite information about Praxiteles or his life, but he was believed to be the son of a famous sculptor by the name of Kephisodotos from a early time. A women by the name of Polybius was recognized for being a primary candidate in modeling for Praxiteles art structures. Phryne was known to be notorious for not only being Praxiteles model but his lover as well. Based on the reading “art through time” Praxiteles made two different versions of Aphrodite. It was confirmed through Pyrne that one of Praxiteles statues was draped by cloth and the other completely nude. Praxiteles offered his sculptures to the people of Kos. Between the option of the draped and nude Aphrodite, the people of Ko’s settled
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