Ancient Greece And The Great Civilization Of Rome And Rome

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It is often said that Rome defeated Greece, but Greek culture conquered Rome and it is true. First, the great civilisations started out with a similar status as common city-states. Although, ancient Greece was position near an irregular coastline mixed with mountain terrain, which isolated the Greek cities from another, whereas, the Roman was geographic ally better-off as the cities were positioned near a north-south plain, which was bordered by mountains to the east and the sea to the west. Hence, the empire was exposed to immigrates and invasions from southern Italy, and Sicily – However, in spite of this factor, the position of the empire was still in better-set than that of the Greek empire that appeared to be isolated from the world. Circumstantially, there were two principal ethic and cultural influences that impacted the geographic location of the empire (even if it was on a minor scale). These influences were the Etruscans in the northern half of the nation-state and the Greeks in the south, which was noted before influenced the advancement of the empire greatly, in comparison to the others because of the dominant culture of the time. Originally, Roman had emerged from Etruscan origins, with the ideals to expand outwards, into the Greek civilisation, which at the time had been spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. In extension to the isolationism felt in the central half of the Greek empire, the colonised states across the empire where much the same, and based
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