Ancient Greece And Western Civilization

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Ancient Greece has contributed many ideas to help shape western civilization. Through their social ideas, Ancient Greece created established social classes which formed the foundation for social classes that are still used today. Politically, Ancient Greece contributed democracy and the idea of shared power. Through their culture, Ancient Greece shared their architectural ideas, which are still seen in many buildings today. All of these ideas have been passed down through generation and are still seen today. Socially, politically, and through their culture, Ancient Greece has helped lay the foundation for the development of Western Civilization The first true Greeks were known as the Mycenaean civilization. The Mycenaean people arrived on the Peloponnesian peninsula around 8000 B.C. After the Mycenaean age ended, Greece entered a dark age known as the Archaic period. The people of the Mycenaean civilization lost all of their writing and their heritage was only kept alive by oral tradition. During Archaic Greece, many large city states such as Sparta, Thebes, Athens, and Corinth arose. These cities built up a military and designed a government and laws for their city to be keep in order. After the Archaic period, Greece entered into a Golden Age. The Golden Age began with the Persian Wars in 499 BC. Greece. Athens and Sparta became allies and fought against the Persians for the sake of Greece and were victorious. After the Persian wars, Greece was split into the

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