Ancient Greece : One Of The Four Multicultural Empires

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Greece is one of the four multicultural empires that occurred around 600 BCE to 600 CE. Ancient Greece had so many different geographical features that helped brand the outcomes of the empire. One of the key features was Greece’s rugged mountains with deep valleys. With the mountains and valleys being rugged, it produced poor rocky soils (Acrobatiq, 2014). Also, there were narrow coastal areas as well. With this being a living environment for the Greeks, the production of food crops was unfortunate because of those factors. The Greeks had to find other ways to gather foods to their city-states because of the low production of food crops. With this being a bittersweet situation, Greeks recognized more about trades. They eventually became more knowledgeable and respectable at it. Greeks would find other places that would trade with them for food crops and other resources. Greeks built colonies that were decent areas for finding foods and resources. Through this time, Greeks expanded with trading and traveling to enhance their empire. Roman Empire was a very successful empire that expanded all around the Mediterranean Sea. Romans are very popular because of their rebellious attitude and bravery to get what they desired. Before expanding, the original city of Rome was located along the Tiber river. The Tiber river was a very important river during this time and still is respectable. The Tiber river provided transportation. The Tiber river was used as a passageway for resources

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