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Ancient Greece GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION The Ancient Greek civilization was located on today’s Greek land, Ionian Islands, Asia Minor, South Italy, and Sicily. It is surrounded by mountains and in the north by water. The Ionian and the Aegean seas, together with natural islands and bays, gave the Greeks the opportunety to develop their maritime commerce and their rich culture. The mountains, which surrounded Greece, gave us the picture of its political character. From early times, the Greeks lived in independet settlements, and they were isolated from one another. Later, this settelments grew up into “poles” or city-states. The Mediteranien Sea moderates Greeks climate ­ cooling air in summer and warmth in winter period. Summers…show more content…
3. THE EARLY ARCHAIC PERIOD (700-600 BC) Durin the Early Archaic period, the concept of polis became very developed. The Greeks continued with colonialization. Locations, such as Cyrene on the North African cost and Massilia in southern France became Greeks colonies. One may say that Greeks suddenly began to launch these overseas projects. The commercial trade between Greece and Egypt, Anatolia and the Levant, developed. Because of this imports from the eastern parts of the world, one could feel the “eastern culture” impact on Greeks architecture and sculpture. This period had also the significant impact on Greeks architecture; the first Greek monumental stone sculpture appeared, and the Doric and Ionic architectural orders were born. Doric Architecture 4. THE ARCHAIC PERIOD (600-479 BC) Eventhough the most powerful and the most important city ­ states were ruled by tyrants they continued to rise. The Greeks adopted a massive buildingn program, and the Attica region started to dominate in the pottery market for about the whole century. By the beginning of the Archaic period large statues of nudes of males ­ “kuroi” and draped femaled ­ “korai” were produced. In those times, huge tamples with cult images were built all around the Greek Empire. Troubles came from the east ant the west. The Persians wanted to take controll over the Greek land, but finally the Persians lost their fight. The Greeks
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