Ancient Greece : The Greatest Civilization Of The Ancient World

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Research Paper Acropolis
Know as one of the greatest civilization of the ancient world, Greek is responsible for many architectural contributions such as the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders influencing building around the world in different periods through out history. Architecture played and important role in ancient Greek society. Dominated by religion, ancient Greece erected structures to celebrate their gods and victories in war. In this essay each paragraph will describe a single concept that will discuss and question the historical conditions, the motivations to build places like this, the political views, technical and aesthetical concerns as well as architecture in general. Although each building is unique and the place was construct for public space or in the name of religion; each paragraph will include a description of each building as well as its function. The resources for the research will include online sources, as well as book sources. Reconstructed under the direction of Pericles after been destroyed by the Persians, the Acropolis was the ideal site to reconstruct the most important buildings for the Greeks, the temples. “ In Fact, where the Akropolis temples were being rebuilt, some of the marble column drums spoiled in the fire were used in rebuilding the parapet walls; symbols of the victory of the Greeks and perpetual visual evidence of their military spiritual superiority.” Although the Greek temples were for public function, entering the…
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