Ancient Greece : Western Arts And Architectures In Western Greece

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Greece is a country in the southeastern Europe. Sometimes the country is called Western civilization. Greece is also the birthplace of a lot of the western philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, drama, the Olympic Games, and democracy. Not only that, there are also a lot of famous arts and architectures in the Ancient Greece, too. The Greek architectures, that we have today are invented and pasted on back in the old days. One of the famous building is the Parthenon, but there are also famous people, too. For example, Alexander the Great, and Aeschylus.
Life in the ancient Greece was a little bit different for both men and women. In the meantime, men are in charge of the family and household when they are married, and their job is mostly working as a farmer or a businessman. For those men who are free male, they have full citizen rights, including the political rights of voting and holding public office. For the women, once you are married to a man, she doesn’t have the right to controlled her property anymore, and her husband gets the right to controlled her property. Also, women are being forced to stay home, take care of the household, and manage the slaves. For those who are married, their man was rarely home, so it gives them a lot of control in the household. Women also needed to raise their own children and make their family clothes. Festivals, that women are expected to attend, are Thesmophoria and Haloa. Jobs that women could perform
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