Essay Ancient Greece and the Spartan War

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During The Peloponnesian War, Sparta was able to dominate Athens and win the war. At the war’s conclusion, Athens was left in complete chaos, and Sparta was also weakened. Athens was politically, economically, and militarily affected, while Sparta was only slightly affected politically and militarily. However, with Sparta’s ignorance towards foreign people, the results of the war were worse than the war itself.
In 431 BCE a tragic war began, the Peloponnesian War. This war took place in Greece and was fought between Sparta and Athens. Athens had a powerful navy while Sparta had a strong army. Sparta saw Athens as a threat because Athens was stealing money from the Delian League, which was an alliance formed by about 200 Greek city-states,
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In Athenian culture women were accustomed to being housewives and now with that change they were starting to release themselves of that ongoing tradition that women were housewives. In addition, Sparta forced Athens to destroy their city walls so that Athens was vulnerable to invaders. Athens no longer having city walls allowed Sparta to control Athens with ease and it also allowed Sparta to impede riots. One of the major effects of the war on Athens was the destruction of their military. Athens was not only forced to destroy their city walls but also their fleet. After the destruction of their navy fleets it ensured Sparta that Athens would not be able to revolt against them. As Thucydides recalled while studying the war, “The Athenians were destroyed with a total destruction- their fleet, their army- there was nothing that was not destroyed, and few out of the many returned home.” This gave Athens almost no possibility to recuperate from the war. However, Athens was still able to recover somewhat after a few years due to the fact that Sparta allowed Athens to reinstitute their government. The reinstitution of the Athenian government allowed its economy and politics to recover from the deadly war that it had encountered.
Even though Sparta won the war, they were also affected, both positively and negatively. Sparta had been fighting for about 27 years and their army was exhausted, which made them some what vulnerable to attacks. On the other hand,
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